Stylist Courses for Hair Stylists

As a hair stylist, your own job would include trimming, shampooing, conditioning and styling hair for your clients. You'd be necessary to perform chemical treatments to achieve the desire outcome. You would suggest the hair style most right to your customer based on their lifestyle as well as preferences. To top it off, you can add on the best shade of colors to highlight your own carefully designed cuts, as well as showcase the movement of the customers hair.

A hair stylist course would usually include the following: Shampooing, Rinsing & Conditioning Understand shampoo chemistry Discover and work shampoo procedures & techniques Discover and perform massage therapy treatments such as stress management and relaxation techniques Perform cleaning as well as rinsing Analyze scalp and hair and recommend treatments for scalp or hair problems Perform treatments of the scalp as well as hair Recommend products for salon service / home maintenance package

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