10 Best Chatbot Apps for Android Phones in 2024

Since the inception of ChatGPT, all the businesses have seen a change in their daily chores. These daily tasks are related to how to quickly find answers to questions, manage tasks, write decisions, and conversate with your companion chat buddy. All these are required to find out the best chatbot apps for Android phones in 2024.

AI-based chatbots are increasingly becoming essential to assist us in our daily routine. They are now equipped with the algorithms to recognize pictures, convert text into pictures, make your own avatar, speak with your avatar, roleplay an AI chatbot, or speak with an avatar of your favorite celebrity. These chatbots will reply in text and voice exactly in the same way the celebrities can respond.

There are plenty of AI conversational bots available to download on the Google Play Store. What is difficult is to find the best chatbot apps for Android phones that offer all the standard features. Chatbot's artificial intelligence requires some cost to run. The article covers the free AI chatbots along with information on their trial durations, renewal costs, and utilities.

Here is a list for convenience to find out your best chatbot Apps for Android Phones in 2024

1 Ad-Free AI Chat

Subscription: $2/10,000

Free Trial: 1000 Credits

2. Next AI - No limit to ask

Subscription: $7.99/Week

Free Trial: Unlimited ChatGPT 3.5

3. AI Chatbot Nova

Subscription: $4.99/Week

Free Trial: 3 Credits Only

4. Ask AI - Chat with Chatbot

Subscriptions: $4.99/Week

Free Trial: 3 Credits Only

5. Replika: My AI Friend

Subscription: $9.99/Month

Free Trial: 30 Days

6. Wysa: Anxiety, Therapy Chatbot

Subscription: $19.99/Session

Free Trial: 7 Days

7. Poe - Fast AI Chat

Subscription: $19.99/Month

Free Trial: 3 Credits Only

8. Chatbot AI - Ask AI anything

Subscription: $3/Week

Free Trial: 5 Messages Only

9. ChatOn - AI Chat Bot Assistant

Subscription: $7.99/Week

Free Trial: 5 Messages Only

10. Chatbot: AI Chat Bot Assistant

Subscription: $4.99

Free Trial: 5 Messages Only

1. Ad-Free AI Chat

Ad-Free AI Chat is one of the best chatbot apps for Android phones in 2024. It is a user-friendly, fast, and customizable chatbot with ChatGPT 3.5 - 4 and Google Gemini Pro support. It is an AI chatbot for businesses that enables long conversations, blog post writing, letters, applications, descriptions, and emails. Directly share your generated text to social media apps within a few taps.

Voice assistance and playback feature makes it a perfect fit to be used as a daily AI mobile assistant. Customizable commands permit the generation of desired responses from ChatGPT. It is one of the most interesting AI learning chatbots that tells you engaging stories, works as a language translator, and plays AI-based games.

The Ad-Free AI Chat offers a generous free trial credit of 1000 words, which enables tens of free prompts and a day-long chat. Meanwhile, its paid plans are suitable for all occasions. There are four paid plans starting from $2/10,000 Credit up to $102/1,400,000 Credits. The convenient four types of pricing make it suitable for daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly subscriptions.


  • Voice assistance
  • No pop-up ads
  • Customizable commands
  • Support ChatGPT 3.5 -5 & Google Gemini Pro
  • Versatile features
  • Four convenient plans for subscription


  • No Image Support
  • Translator can support more languages

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